Protecting Your Interests In High-Asset Divorce

High-asset divorces present nuances, issues and challenges above and beyond typical divorces. As such, a cookie-cutter approach will not result in the best outcome for the individual. Business, investments, real estate and compensation packages all raise important questions that must be considered in the overall analysis of a divorce case.

Many assets in high net-worth divorces appreciate during the marriage, so it is important to consider the basis of each asset so that the tax consequences of a proposed division can be properly anticipated. There are times when assets cannot be easily divided (e.g. stock options), and the individual and attorney must take into account the tax impact of one party receiving the entire asset.

Working With Executives Across In Washington County And Statewide

Because our attorneys have worked with executives and highly compensated professionals at some of the largest organizations in the state, we are fully prepared to work on high-asset divorces with assets including:

  • Stock options
  • Compensation packages
  • 401(k)s
  • Retirement, brokerage and investment accounts
  • Real estate and real estate partnerships
  • Tax/loss carry forward issues
  • Family partnerships
  • Corporate interest

Our lawyers will take the time to understand your goals and the financial implications of all assets. From there, we can reach out to forensic experts to ideally divide assets in a way that minimizes taxes and maximizes financial well-being.

Due to the complexity of asset division in these cases, early and decisive action is extremely important. We encourage you to get in touch.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss high-asset divorce issues in , Portland, Hillsboro or nearby, call one of our attorneys at 503-388-4779 or email Aaby Family Law, PC.