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Parenting Schedules

Parents frequently consult with me for help in creating a parenting schedule. A parenting schedule is simply a written summary of how much time each child will spend with each parent and how the parents will divide between them the decision-making authority related to the children. While the concept of a parenting schedule is simple, arriving at a parenting schedule that both parents can agree upon is anything but simple.

Insulating Kids from Divorce

WebMD has a very good article on mistakes divorcing parents make when it comes to their children. While the majority of people going through divorce make their kids mental well-being their number one priority, it pointed out times when very well intentioned parents may be unintentionally causing damage.  I liked the last section where the article suggested empowering the children with a "safe signal" such as quietly raising their hand when a parent is openly critizing their ex.  The parent would agree to stop talking immediately and take their own time-out.  See the article here:   Mistakes Divorced Parents Make

New baby, new money worries

Nationally syndicated columnist, Liz Pulliam Weston examines the economic impact on families when women quit their jobs to stay at home and care for the children.  While this is the right decision for many families, it is a decision that has financial and career implications that are well worth considering.  You can read Liz' column HERE.

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