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Collaborative family law is a relatively new practice in the Portland area, but it has been a successful working model for many years in other parts of the country and the world. The collaborative law approach is designed to facilitate a greater level of communication and cooperation between parties even after the divorce is final. The benefits of a collaborative law divorce can be substantial and include:

  • Emphasis on preserving the dignity and mutual respect of individuals
  • Improved relations for co-parenting after a divorce
  • Greater control over process
  • Increased discretion
  • Decreased stress and hostility
  • Significant time savings (divorce litigation is a lengthy process)

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The Collaborative Law Process

The collaborative law process involves two individuals and their respective attorneys who work together to create an agreement which will, to the greatest extent possible, meet the needs of both parties.

In order to begin this process, each person chooses an attorney who is trained in collaborative law. The parties then agree that they will work diligently in four-way meetings toward a full resolution of all issues. In the event this is not possible, then the parties must retain new attorneys to assist them in filing the matter with the court.

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