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Addressing Complex Property Division Concerns

High-asset divorces present serious challenges when it comes to property division. While business valuation is challenging, executives and other high-level management may have equally difficult property division issues. Large companies use multiple incentives to retain highly compensated employees. This may include deferred compensation packages, phantom stock, performance units, restricted stock, future options and discretionary incentive packages. All of these present nuanced and unique variables when valuing and dividing these assets.

Depending on the type of investment and the existing market for that investment, the division of property can raise issues related to capital gain and capital improvements. For instance, one can argue that there is or will be an increased market value for real estate investments and that the prudent course of action is to jointly maintain the property until such time as it is sold. In addition, there is the question of when and how to factor in the cost of sale into the division of the asset.

In addition, stocks and other investments present their own unique complexities. If you are working through these types of divorce issues, we are ready to put our decades of experience to work to help you reach an ideal outcome.

Barbara Aaby Has Experience You Can Rely On

Because our team has worked extensively with highly compensated employees and business owners in some of the largest organizations in Oregon, we have experience dealing with a variety of compensation issues. We routinely work with accountants as well as other valuation and forensic experts and are prepared to work with you toward success.

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