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Dividing Marital Assets During Divorce

If you are getting a divorce in Oregon and need assistance with the division of your property, our law firm can help. At Aaby Family Law, PC, a divorce and family law practice, we represent clients throughout the Portland metropolitan area.

We are pleased to help clients in a wide range of divorce matters, including uncontested divorce, contested divorce and collaborative law divorce. To learn more about our firm and our family law services, please call our office in Beaverton, Oregon, at 503-388-4779.

Understanding Asset Division Laws In Oregon

When parties to an Oregon divorce are not able to reach an agreement regarding the division of their marital assets, a judge will hear the testimony of the parties and issue an order dividing the property in a manner that is fair and equitable.

However, given the cost and uncertainty of divorce litigation, it is important for parties to consider such alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods as mediation or collaborative law to resolve their dispute. Aaby Family Law, PC, can assist with alternative dispute resolution and ensure that a fair and reasonable settlement is reached.

Our Approach

Although we always explore negotiation as a means of resolving asset division conflicts, there are cases where trial may prove necessary. No matter the situation, the attorneys at our firm are strong advocates who are willing to go to great lengths to protect our clients’ financial rights.

To fully protect our clients’ financial rights in a divorce, our lawyers prepare each case as if it may go to trial. To that end, we work closely with clients and, if necessary, with financial experts to value assets. We have extensive knowledge of the financial matters that generally occur during a divorce, including:

If your case does result in litigation, we will argue effectively for your rights and interests.

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To learn more about asset division/distribution in Washington County, our attorneys or our family law services, please contact Aaby Family Law, PC, at 503-388-4779 or by email.

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