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Help With Child Custody And Parenting Plans

In every divorce in which the parties have children and in every paternity action, the parties must address the issue of legal custody, parenting time and child support.

Legal custody and parenting time are based on the best interests of the child. The best interests standard is further defined in the Oregon Revised Statue 107, which recites six areas that a court should consider in deciding which parent should be awarded legal custody or parenting time. In Oregon, unless the parents agree to share joint legal custody, only one parent can be awarded sole legal custody.

At our law office in Beaverton, Oregon, we offer effective legal representation in all custody and parenting time disputes, including those that arise during a divorce, after a divorce or in a paternity proceeding for unmarried parents. We are strong advocates for parental rights and have extensive experience in the negotiation, mediation and litigation of child custody disputes. We are also pleased to assist clients with the negotiation and drafting of parenting plans.

Trusted Experience In Child Custody Law

Washington County attorney Barbara J. Aaby has more than 20 years of family law experience and is the past chair of the American Bar Association’s Committee on Child Custody. She has lectured on issues related to child custody and family law. Attorney Aaby has served as a contributing author for the Oregon State Bar Family Law Continuing Legal Education book and other professional journals.

Understand Your Rights In Regard To Parenting Plans

If you and your spouse are negotiating a parenting plan or thinking about revising a parenting plan, it is important to retain an attorney who can properly advise you about your rights and responsibilities. All too often, unrepresented parties (and inexperienced lawyers) draft parenting plans without a full understanding of their future impact.

We have a thorough understanding of how families change and what potential pitfalls may occur in the future. We will work hard to draft a strong parenting plan that puts your family in a strong position both now and in the future.

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