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Enforcing Child Custody Or Support Orders

In certain instances, a parent will routinely deny the other parent access to a child and ignore the existing parenting schedule. In other cases, individuals may ignore support orders, and child support or spousal support arrears may accrue. It is critical that each parent understands his or her rights and responsibilities in either receiving or paying support. While a modification of support can be filed with the court, enforcement proceedings can also be very effective in obtaining past due support.

Enforcement proceedings can also include a motion for remedial contempt. Should this be necessary, it is possible in the case of a contempt motion to request that the other side pay your attorney fees and court costs. Other remedies include issuing a wage withholding order or wage garnishment to ensure that the support is being paid. If you are thinking about pursuing an enforcement action or are presently defending against one, it is important to have the strongest and most experienced advocate working on your behalf.

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Because we have many years of experience in family law, we are well-versed in dealing with a variety of enforcement issues. We will work with you to understand the challenges you are facing and take action that best works toward your family’s well-being. We are able to tailor our representation to meet your needs by working directly with you at every step in your case.

If you face contempt issues, you need to act decisively. We look forward to hearing from you.

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