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Help With Child Support Matters

Aaby Family Law, PC, is pleased to assist clients throughout the Portland metropolitan area in child support matters. Attorney Barbara Aaby has extensive experience with all child support matters, including:

If you are a parent and believe that you are not receiving sufficient child support, we can perform a child support calculation on your behalf. If you are a parent and believe that you are paying too much child support, we can review your case and advise if a motion for a modification of child support is warranted.

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Child Support Guidelines In Oregon

The Oregon child support guidelines require courts to consider the gross income of both parents, as well as the parenting schedule of the parties. Courts will also consider out-of-pocket expenses for medical and day care costs. In limited circumstances, a court may deviate from these child support guidelines.

Temporary child support may be awarded prior to the conclusion of a divorce via a temporary order. Moreover, children between the ages of 18 and 21 have legal standing in Oregon to make a motion for payment of child support. In these cases, the court may order child support payments to be paid directly to the child unless the parents of the child both agree otherwise.

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